Summer Vacation

I don't know if it's called summer vacation if you spend your first week potty training, the second week learning a whole new level of patience with a yelling, arm and leg failing three year old, and the third week experiencing Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. 

But... Luke is now potty trained, even during nap time! With consistency, as difficult as it is at times, Luke continues to learn his boundaries, and both boys are finally coming to the end of HFMD.

So I am really looking forward to "vacation." 

However we have enjoyed a lot of time outside: 

Thanks to my father-in-law we have enjoyed spending time under our new patio cover!! 
I had a birthday recently and received some garden supplies along with some fare well money from my co-workers which I spend at the garden center. 
So I  enjoyed beautifying my back yard a bit. 


We attended Zoobalation at Fresno Chaffee Zoo with cousin Sayla and Auntie Amy. 
A fun evening getting to go behind the scenes.

Berry picking in Hanford with the Wiens'!! Matthew really enjoyed himself.