Easter with the Family

This year, after church, Tracy and I drove the approximately 28 miles to my parents house near Pine Flat Dam. We were blessed to be able to spend the day with our wonderful family in mom and dad's beautiful new home (it's almost complete). Aaron and Christa were there with Charlotte and Levi, who were the center of attention, as usual! Tracy and I are always glad when Mark and Cindy, Aaron Wiens' parents, join us for family gatherings. When it comes to family, we subscribe to "the more, the merrier" philosophy! It was even MORE merry to have my big brother Sheldon and my two nephews, Austin and Dylan, with us. And the merriment didn't stop there. Sheldon's fiancee, Karen, joined us and brought her 4 wonderful kids (and one friend of the family - Taylor). Karen's kids are (sorry if I misspell any names) Jenny, Melanie, Seth and Holly. We had a lot of fun getting to know this wonderful, close-knit family. We are very excited to be adding them to our family, and not just because that means we will have a place to stay along the coast! : )

Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting a wonderful Easter, and thanks to all our family for a great time! Happy Easter!!!

Here are some photos of our day together:

The whole gang after lunch

Charlotte with uncle Sheldon

Sheldon & Tracy showing off their pregnant bellies

Levi with Grandma Cindy

Mom happy that everyone is enjoying themselves

Charlotte and I playing "OUCH!" as we slide down the stairs on our bums!

Seth getting the run-down on the quad from Dad.

Karen, Jenny, Holly and Taylor (oh, and the dog/rodent is called Maddy)

Mark & Cindy

Yes, I dominated the Easter egg hunt! Take that little kids!!!