Finally A Post!

Yes we know it has been a very long time since the last time we posted. I told Aaron when he started this blog that I would most likely fall behind on it, and sure enough I did. To me blogging is like scrapbooking and I only get around to scrapbooking once a month, if I'm lucky. So my goal is to post once a month. Here we go for January 2010!

So far there are just two things I wish I could change about being a mom.
1. Slow down the growing process! I love each new stage that Luke goes through. It is so much fun to watch him explore new things and places but I just wish it would not go so fast. He is going to be 18 and going off the college before we know it.
2. Getting Sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Jon and Emilee Luke is again sleeping through the night. Between Babywise and The Sleepeasy Solution we are having success, but for a while we were getting up 3-5 times a night. No fun!

So you might be asking yourself, "What has been going on with Luke for the last 2 months?"
As I'm looking through his calendar there is just way too much to tell. I told you he is growing too fast!

Here are the highlights:
*He was the most adorable little turtle for Halloween thanks to Auntie Amy who made his costume.
*He began crawling on November 19th, 6 1/2 months old.
*Luke started giving "The Look"
*He is eating very well and has started on finger foods. Right now he is at the pincher stage.
*We dedicated Luke at church on December 20. Our verses for him are 1 John 4:7-12. This was such a full day because he also took his first step.
*Luke experienced his first Christmas. Surprisingly, he did not enjoy the tissue paper as much as I thought he would.

Be prepared, I'm a proud mom and love showing off my adorable son!!!

Happy Halloween!

Getting smooches from daddy and mommy!

Hanging out with Cousins Charlotte and Levi on Thanksgiving!

Looking out the window

Look at me crawling!

Luke touching his first Christmas tree!

Playing in the leaves
7 months old

Playing with Bagheera

Luke takes his first step!

I love the beach!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

"The Look"

Happy 8 months!!!


  1. Great pictures! Especially of "the look". I love looking at these every day!!

  2. TOO CUTE!!! I can't believe he is walking!!!!

  3. Hooray for capturing "the look" on camera! Love the last photo in front of the bricks.

  4. That turtle costume is so cute! Definately going to have to copy that one someday!