This month has been crazy. Within a two week span Luke got the flu (which of course I got 4 days later), his two top teeth came in, he got an ear infection, and he once again has decided that sleeping through the night is no fun, its more fun to cry and need to be held for 2 hours!!!! The JOY of parenthood. But we still love him.

Luke is not only walking but is now able to stand up without holding on to anything!! He also loves to walk and kick a ball and Mommy and Daddy enjoy watching him, it's really cute. What a talented boy.

Some other firsts are:
He says "woof" when he hears or sees a dog and sometimes when you ask him "What does a doggy say?"
He loves to point.
Luke started brushing his teeth. He especially enjoys it when he gets to do it himself.
Luke can hold is own bottle.
Luke can clap.

Two cool dudes having fun at the zoo.

Having fun on Grandpa's tractor.

Luke continues to love being read to. His favorite books are Brown Bear, Brown Bear... , Dr. Seuss's ABC, Beautiful Babies, That's not my Pony... , and Goodnught Moon. Not only can he sit through the entire DR. Seuss's ABC book but usually 6-7 books at a time!

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  1. Great Pictures. He is so much fun!!!