Wow!! It is hard to believe that our little guy is one year old (and a few days). At this time a year ago all he did was eat, sleep, and poop.

Before Luke was born. Look how rested we look!!!     

After Luke was born. Who needs rest when you get to hold a beautiful baby boy in your arms.

Now Luke is doing more and understanding more than I ever imagined.
   He knows where his hair, eyes, and nose are
   He signs: milk, all done, more, please, sorry, and thank you
   He throws temper tanrtums
   He runs
   He gives kisses and hugs, and waves bye bye
   He loves to talk, sing, clap, and make lots of noise (remind you of anyone???)
   He enjoys taking everything out of my Tupperware cupboard
   He enjoys putting everything in his mouth
   He opens and closes doors
   He initiates peek-a-boo and chase
   He loves to talk on the phone and even pretends when he does not have a real phone in his hands
   He likes to comb his hair and brush his teeth
   He loves taking baths or just getting wet from playing with the hose
   He eats just about anything
   He loves music 
   He loves Grandpa and Grandma's dogs
April has had a lot of events:
   Luke got his first hair cut from Auntie Amy

   Luke got to meet his Great Grammy Finch for the first time.

   Luke had his first Easter

   Luke got to experience Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert for a weekend

   And of course his 1st Birthday!!!

We love our little guy so very much and we thank God every day for blessing us with such a wonderful, loving little boy. We look forward to many more great years!

Happy 1st Birthday Luke!!!


  1. The snacks table at the party was so great, really creative! Oh and your son is pretty cute too :0)

  2. I have never seen a 1-year old pose for pictures like this little man!

  3. Great Post! I love the pictures! It was such a great party. Love you all. Grammy