Blogging Again

Both boys are down for their afternoon nap and I was sitting here looking at family and friends blogs and wishing I would have kept up with ours this past year. So I am going to try to recommit to blogging. If anything I'm doing it for myself. I kept a calendar of Luke during his first year of life as well as completed his first year scrapbook, I'm doing the same for Matthew. But Luke is now 2 years and 2 1/2 months old and all I have done is take pictures which, I know, is better than nothing but you can't always capture everything on camera. I have been wanting to make something or journal about Luke and now Matthew but hadn't come up with a great and EASY idea yet. I then realized about 15 minutes ago that I have a blog and even if no one reads it it's a great way to get everything I want to remember written down. When I'm old and I have no memory than I will have this blog, hopefully, and just like with most people's blogs it will be filled with tons of good memories :0)

Luke's Highlights
  • Luke is talking a whole lot more now. My favorite is when he asks for something. It usually sounds something like this "mo cra ker peas" translation: "More crackers please."
  • He loves playing baseball. Apart from binkies nothing comes close to his love for baseball. Anything can be a bat including the pretend roasted chicken in the nursery at church. His father is very proud. By the way he throws and bats left!
  • Luke is most definitely a 2 year old: on the go constantly and he loves to exert his independence. (If you're a mom then you know perfectly well that I have sugarcoated that last thought a bit).
  • He knows all but 7 of the letters in the alphabet by name or by sound.
  • He is starting to count and is beginning to understand the concept. When it's mommies turn to brush his teeth we count to 20 and when its time for bed he gets to choose if he would like to have 2 binkies or 3. He always chooses 3.
  • Lately everything is "mine."
  • He swam across Oma's pool at least 5 times without any help, actually refusing help. (He had a life jacket on of course) Once again his father is very proud, as am I. :0)
  • He has gone potty like a big boy several times. I'm not sure when we will officially start potty training but this is a great start.
  • He is a loving big brother. Matthew is usually the first one he needs to see. He says "Hi" and then proceeds with several kisses and hugs. He has gotten a lot better with being gentle but still needs to be reminded at times.
Being a mom for the second time is much easier is some ways. It is so nice to not stress about everything. You gain so much knowledge as a first time mom, having a second child is more relaxing. I certainly don't feel like I am constantly playing the guessing game.
It's also a good feeling to know that you don't have to take away any of your love for your firstborn to make room for the new addition, your heart just grows bigger!!!

Matthew's Milestones
  • Matthew is 4 months old now, 15.3 lbs. and 26 in. long.
  • Matthew is such a happy baby. He gives the sweetest smiles.
  • He can roll over from his back to his tummy. Just this week he can finally stay on his tummy for several minutes before getting upset.
  • As of Wednesday he can sit up, obviously not on his own but he sits just fine after having some help with the "tripod" set up.
  • He enjoys bouncing in his jumper.
  • He loves his big brother. He lights up when Luke comes in the room.
  • Matthew's a great sleeper. He takes good naps and has been sleeping through the night for 2 months now!!!
  • We were hoping he would be our quieter child but he can be just as loud as Luke. He makes an adorable grunting/growl noise and if you play back with him he only gets louder.
  • He is now interested in toys and is starting to hold them on his own.
  • Matthew experienced the beach (Pismo) for the first time last month on our first family trip since his debut.

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  1. Welcome back! Love to see the pictures :) I, too, mostly blog for me. I am way behind in scrapbooking (I think I have Levi's first 3 months done), but at least it's all still recorded somewhere. I also love your quote about "sugarcoating."