LA Zoo

Yesterday Grandma Ehoff, Luke, and I drove down to LA to see Aaron conduct in his final concert for his masters. After 3 summers he is finally finished with his course work. Now all he has to do is his recital, comprehensive exams, and write his thesis. No big deal!!!
Since his concert was in the evening we decided to go to the LA Zoo during the day. It was a little warm but we enjoyed ourselves. Luke really didn't care but it was still fun for us to expose him to a little bit of Gods amazing creation. Enjoy!!

Yeah, I am so excited to be with Daddy at the Zoo!!!

Grandma couldn't resist buying Luke an adorable giraffe hat!

Aaron along with the third year graduates and their two professors.


  1. I love Caroline and the giraffe hat picture!

  2. That hat is fantastic! It seems appropriate that you would meet Aaron at the zoo, where he feels so at home :) Congratulations, Little Bro, on all your hard work! I can't wait for your recital!

  3. Luke is so adorable, you guys!