Luke's Top Ten

10 Luke's fine motor skills are really taking off. He loves holding on to everything and it is so fun to watch him concentrate when trying to grab a toy. He likes helping hold his bottle when he is eating although his hand-eye coordination is a bit off and he often accidentally pushes the bottle out of him mouth.
9 Luke has learned to splash when taking a bath. It is nearly impossible to stay dry while giving him a bath, but it sure is fun.
8 He continues to LOVE his jumper. Often he jumps so hard we joke that he is going to jump right out.
7 His giggle is absolutely adorable and makes everyone in the room laugh. He even snorts at times. We can usually get the best giggles out of him just before nap time or bed time, when he's tired he laughs at anything!!!
6 He really enjoys when people read to him. He gets so excited and loves trying to hold the books. "Brown Bear Brown Bear. . ." still seems to be his favorite, however, "Beautiful Babies," a touch-and-feel book, may be runner up. There is a mirror at the end of the book and today he just giggled and giggled when he saw himself.
5 Luke smiles constantly. He is such a happy baby!
4 He finally enjoys swinging in his swing. This has even become a napping spot a few times.
3 When I am cooking Luke loves to sit in his highchair and watch me. He is so observant of his surroundings.
2 He loves to talk!!! He is figuring out his voice more and more and he seems to be controlling it much better.
1 He is SOOOOO much fun. I love that I am able to stay at home part time. We have so much fun together as a family. What a blessing our son is to us.

Enjoy some of the recent pictures and video we have taken!

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  1. I used to think he looked more like Tracy, but now I see that he is looking like a fine combination of you both.

    And about that second picture down after the video... you're not thinking of him auditioning to take Gene Simmons' place are you??