Our growing boy!

Well it has been a while so I'm sure you won't be too surprised with all the fun and exciting things Luke has been up to.

Here's a list of highlights since our last posting:

26th - Luke sat up straight for 2-3 min.
27th - Luke learned to stick out his tongue and make noise which included a lot of spit.
29th - Luke is 4 months old.

2nd - Luke growls like a bear.
11th - Luke rolled from his back to his tummy.
14th - Luke's hair was styled by Auntie Amy.
18th - Luke took a bath in the kitchen sink.
Mid September
- Luke learned to sit and play without falling over.
- Luke understands the sign for milk.
- Luke no longer stays in the middle of his bed during naptime or on his back.
- Luke began wearing 6-9 month clothing.
- Luke learned that when we stack blocks he can knock them over.
- Luke continues to love looking at and playing with his hands.
- Luke continues to love when people read to him.
21st - Luke's 4 month check up. 26 3/4 inches tall and 18.3 pounds. This puts him in the 90th percentile for both height and weight.
22nd - Luke ate rice cereal for the first time.
25th - Luke went on his first plane ride to OK to visit Uncle Chris. He was so great!! This was also his first time in a different state.
29th - Luke is 5 months old.
30th - Luke started rolling across the floor.

2nd - Luke ate yams for the first time and loved them.
3rd - Luke had a bit of water with his dinner for the first time.

It is so exciting to watch our son grow and develop, hopefully you are enjoying it as well!

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  1. Great Pictures! He is such a happy boy!